About Avancer Group

About Us

Perhaps there is nothing more dynamic and multifaceted than the combination of "healthcare," "life science" and "business."  In such a highly regulated, scientifically based, time-sensitive and capital-intensive environment, how can one predictably and reliably make precise and accurate business decisions – all within the mission of improving health?  In such an environment, how can one focus on the "critical few" business decisions that lever the greatest sustainable health care and scientific value?  Better yet, how can one simultaneously keep an eye on short-term business objectives and constraints, while not eroding or destroying long-term value?

We Understand Business
Our advisors help you comprehend the context of your environment and the "linkages" within it.  We help you understand your business value chain and its value drivers within the context of sustainable health care and scientific value. We frame the linkages between your business strategy and execution, between your organizational capability and delivery, and between your managerial decision-making and your business results.

We Understand Health Care and Life Science
Our advisors help comprehend the unique business levers that drive your medical and scientific value – from product life-cycle and investigational risks, to developmental and market uncertainties, cash flow and cost of capital, to ultimate shareholder realization.

At Avancer we employ our proprietary Value Framework™ to outline and evaluate your organization's specific challenges and opportunities.  Our advisors apply their knowledge and proven experience in the business of health care and life science, to predictably and sustainably improve your Business of Health Care and Life Science™.