Avancer Group – About You

About You

Avancer advises health care and life science organizations whose mission is the scientific study of living organisms, the study and research of health-related issues, and the business of improving health – preventing, managing and curing diseases.

These are the primary health care and life science sectors served by Avancer:

  • Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Medical Device Researchers
  • Health Systems, Hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations & Health Care Centers
  • Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Pharmacy Providers

In the business of health care and life science there are many priorities, systems, processes and behaviors that serve as levers to success.  Decisions you make can increase or decrease the lever, thereby improving or reducing performance.  It becomes most important to recognize the "critical few" levers that generate the greatest value or those that erode value.  Using the Value Framework™ we can systematically prioritize and select these value drivers based on the specific business challenges and opportunities you face.