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Value Framework™

Avancer Value Framework

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The Value Framework™ is a “lens” to comprehend the specific business levers that drive sustainable health care and scientific value – from product life-cycle and investigational risk management, to developmental and market uncertainties, to cash flow and cost of capital – all geared toward maximizing shareholder value.

Specifically, the Value Framework™ employed with empirical insights and proven methodologies provide business perspectives to improve:

  • Cash Flow by increasing sales, operating profits, capital efficiency and cash profits
  • Cost of Capital through an optimal capital structure
  • Organizational Capability by increasing value chain excellence, organizational agility and resilience, leadership and management, and innovation
  • Shareholder Realization through optimal dividend issuance, stock repurchase, asset licensing, acquisitions, mergers & divestitures, and equity selling
  • Stakeholder Expectations by increasing forecasting accuracy and precision, governances, transparency and regulatory controls
  • Cycle-Time by decreasing product discovery, launching and adoption times
  • Risk Mitigation through optimal management of efficacy, safety, payor reimbursement, competitive order of entry, liability and regulatory approval